Castor river shut ins

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Well that got remedied this past weekend when we camped at Castor River Ranch Campground , and spent Saturday morning driving up to Amidon to check out this water carved collection of granite sculptures, within the walls of a canyon flanking this quick moving river as it cuts its way through the solid terrain. Excellent water quality and gorgeous scenery are characteristic of the Castor River. Taum Sauk Mountain, the highest point in Missouri, 1, feet , is an ideal place to observe this geological wonder.

Castor river shut ins

Appreciate the environment when you hike here. CRRC also has fenced pasture and water available for those equestrians who prefer to go camping with their horses. The area is very popular for those who enjoy out-door activities or are just seeking simple wooded seclusion. We pulled in there and took the trail back to a swimming hole. At the intersection of CR and CR we turned left. You can head just about any direction out of Fredericktown, MO and come across a beautiful waterway. We chose to visit the Castor River since dogs are allowed at these shut-ins since it is a conservation area while they are not allowed at Johnson Shut-Ins, hence the happy puppy picture below. In Fredericktown, exit at MO, and make a left and go over the highway. This whole place is rugged, but where the exposed granite gets wet, it can be very slippery. This really is a place that you have to see if you want to know how beautiful and fascinating the forests and waterways of Missouri can be. This range is one of the oldest exposures of igneous rock in North America. On the map there is a place on this road where you must ford the Castor River. In about half a mile there is a roundabout. The Castor River Shut-Ins , without a doubt, is the draw of this conservation area. The pink granite that makes up the natural sculptures throughout the area was formed by volcanic activity 1. We found a lot of great information at Local Treks so be sure to check out his posts as well! When we pulled into the parking lot for the Shut-Ins, there was a tent set up far off in the field that was visible, and when we were exploring the river, there were a couple of tents in the forest along it. The one thing that disappointed me about this area was the amount of human evidence throughout. Be careful on the rocky areas along the river. We started our adventure where the crystal clear creek feeds into the shut-ins. The area is filled with large boulders and rocks and beautiful swimming holes. A large, pink granite rock slopes into the clear waters of the Castor River creating a perfect place to swim. That trees and brush and grasses could thrive in places with a diminished amount of soil, and provide cover and food for all the animals that call these glades home is a testament to the determination of life on this planet. If water levels are high, do not attempt to cross. The area is a nice day trip from St.

Castor river shut ins

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  1. A large, pink granite rock slopes into the clear waters of the Castor River creating a perfect place to swim.

  2. This range is one of the oldest exposures of igneous rock in North America. Once at the bottom of the shut-ins, the area opens up to a large swimming hole and a large gravel bar.

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