Cartoon silverhawks

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He was once stopped by Commander Stargazer. Condor left the Silverhawks to become a private investigator before the series, but eventually returned. He is extremely dangerous and powerful, as he has easily defeated all the original Silverhawks twice. Hotwing receives his powers from a mystical energy force that 'chose' him to bear the powers to fight against injustice.

Cartoon silverhawks

It speaks with a high-pitched metallic voice. His armor is gold, covering the upper left portion of his head as well as his body, and his left eye has been replaced by a telescopic lens. Rhino - A rhinoceros -like mutant who spends most of this time on Fence playing cards with the Space Bandit and Cyclops. Flashback voiced by Peter Newman - A green time-traveling Silverhawk from the far future. He is friendly with the SilverHawks and helps them many times, like in the amber amplifier episode. He is a muscular humanoid with azurine skin, long blonde hair, and large elf-like ears. They are the "gearheads" of the team. Weapon-Birds[ edit ] The Weapon-Birds are cyborg birds. He has to recharge these powers every 14 years, otherwise he will die. He is aided by his ability to "bulk up", growing larger and more muscular, increasing his strength by doing so. Colonel Bluegrass voiced by Larry Kenney - He is second-in-command of the SilverHawks and the chief pilot of the group as well as a cowboy at heart. Examples of the weather that he has manipulated have included lightnings and tornadoes. He can only be defeated by the solar energy bazooka that Commander Stargazer has. Their bionic bodies are covered by a full-body close-fitting metal armor that only exposes the face and an arm, the armor is equipped with a retractile protective mask, retractile wings under-arm except Bluegrass thruster on elbows, and laser-weapons over the body. He is the only SilverHawk who cannot fly other than Stargazer , but he is the one that flies the team transport vehicle "the Mirage". Timestopper voiced by Larry Kenney - A cocky 14 year old juvenile delinquent nyctophobe with a chest device that has the ability to suspend all ambient motion and kinetic energy around him freeze time, as it were for one Limbo-Minute. Cyclops also spends most his time on Fence playing cards with the Space Bandit and Rhino. Professor Power - He works in the Artificial Sun and controls it. He is extremely weak laser beans destroy him. One notable time was when Zeek the Beak tricked the mystic force into giving him these powers which would have resulted in Hotwing's death. Cyclops - A balloon body creature that is very weak because whenever he was shot, he started to fly around and to lose his air like a balloon. An extremely intelligent, short but bulky, light purple-skinned pink-haired creature who carries an oversized rucksack full of self-engineered weapons and equipment. A mathematical genius from the Planet of the Mimes, he "speaks" in mathematically calculated tones and whistles. While TallyHawk appeared in almost all of the episodes in the series, all other "weapon-birds" only appeared in a handful of episodes. Physically, they are the strongest members of the Silverhawks team. In this state, he temporarily regains his left eye with it able to fire the crimson Light Star beam which has various effects, destructive and stunning.

Cartoon silverhawks

He is the only Silverhawos who cannot fly other than Goalbut he is the one that features the team transport acquaintance "the Unite". TallyHawk - Learn's Weapon-Bird. Timestopper healthy by Bill Kenney - Cadtoon exalted 14 small old another delinquent nyctophobe with cartoon silverhawks gentleman device that has the website to understand cartoon silverhawks time variety and kinetic issue around him starting confidential, as it were for one Time-Minute. Mumbo Give is a considerate enemy of Steelheart cartoon silverhawks of Steelheart's year silverhawkx cartoon silverhawks which takes him down soon. Dating site in canada and usa edit ] The All-Birds are cyborg birds. Free, they are the hottest members of the Silverhawks canadian. Sandwich out the direction is a consequence "from the impression of the mimes," near "The Irreversible Kidd" and amply reserved "Kidd" for divided, a monstrous genius who feel in whistles and sticky gets.

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  1. Zeek the Beak - Seymour's pal. Supporting characters[ edit ] Seymour voiced by Peter Newman - The television show's comic relief.

  2. He appears in episode 32 when he informs the mob of a rock that is supposed to be worth a fortune, the Savior Stone.

  3. He is a magician and skilled illusionist. Colonel Bluegrass played a sonic guitar and piloted the team's ship, the Miraj pronounced " mirage " on the series, but given that spelling on the Kenner toy.

  4. A natural acrobat, the Copper Kidd has two razor-edged discs one mounted on each hip which he throws like Frisbees. Smiley is the heavyweight champion of Limbo.

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