Can t reply to group text

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It still does not work. In this setup, every member can send and receive photos and videos, as well as see all responses from the group. There can be a number of possible reasons why you have this problem. Be as detailed as possible when describing your problem to help us diagnose your issue easily.

Can t reply to group text

What is wrong with it? I sure hope we can fix this. This is a convenient type of group message if all members in the group uses iMessage. The phone is in mint condition and everything works perfectly fine. Make sure that MMS is enabled before you contact Verizon. If you really need to be in that group, you might as well just switch to using iPhones. How do I correct this? Well, we thought so too. It's free to download and try! Secondly, since problem description does not mention some other important details like: You will be prompted to broadcast individual texts and iMessages that are personal and one on one like a group text bcc. Your recipients will see the text-messages privately like any regular message you would send them directly think group text bcc, but even more personal because you can customize each text message with your recipients' name and other contact information to make personalized messages in bulk. Group SMS on the other hand also appears as green text bubbles. The point is, make sure that both you and your friends are online to fully enjoy the convenience of group messaging. Extremely frustrating to say the least and I know from all these blogs that everyone keeps blaming Apple for iMessage but there has got to be a work around Android can figure out if they want to continue to move users over to the their platform. I have made a group of approximately 80 people to send SMS but when I select the group to send a SMS, it says to select 20 person from the group. If you think you can convince every member, try telling them to use third party messaging app that works in both iOS and non-iOS platforms. Group Messaging not working on Galaxy S6 Hello! While iMessage works great between iOS devices, the same cannot be said when non-Apple devices joins in a group chat. Now it seems the only thing still not working after 4 days, is the multimedia group text. I have not tried sending photos to anyone else with an android. You must be part of a Group SMS. If you have Android issues, you can shared them to us by using the link provided below. If this problem comes and goes without any discernable pattern, the issue must not be on your end. Contact your carrier for further troubleshooting. If you find this post helpful, please help us by spreading the word to your friends. Also, when I get sent a group message, it arrives from solely the person who sent it and not the complete list of contacts.

Can t reply to group text

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