Brian weiss libros

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So it is now with psychiatrists and other therapists, who refuse to examine and evaluate the considerable evidence being gathered about survival after bodily death and about past-life memories. Again, no questioning on how Catherine could presume that. Dr Weiss asks her if there was anything in the newspaper about the wedding, because if there was, he could have looked up the date. Page 54 — Dr Weiss states that, under hypnosis, Catherine tells him things about his own father and his son, that could not possibly have been known by Catherine.

Brian weiss libros

Where is the source? This was a proof of sorts. Nature is energy and life.. This is the case throughout the book, only lip service is made to science, as if that is good enough to make the book scientific, which of course it is not. Page 30 — Dr Weiss asks Catherine if he appeared in her past life. After all, the existence of Catherine is not proven. This is simply not good enough. Page 82 — Under hypnosis Catherine described a wedding in a past life. To put forward this as proof, again makes a mockery of true scientific discovery. Dr Weiss has conducted his research without scientific protocols or peer review, yet as a "scientist", Dr Weiss should have the skills and resources necessary to have conducted his "investigation" properly and scientifically. There, before his eyes, she proceeded to pick the winner of every race This is the best he has to offer. Page 43 — Catherine claims that her mother in a previous, undated life is the same mother she has now. Review Copyright Jon Danzig. This is all gossip; the fact that Dr Weiss is prepared to quote such examples without providing any substance means that he does not adhere to scientific principles at all. Surely it would have been easy for him to identify whether the words spoken by Catherine were Gaelic or not, and if he could not, to explain precisely why. How does he even know it even happened at all? This is an old trick. The animal world is vicious, involving wanton and brutal killing for food, sex, territory and power Neither is any specific address given or asked, which could be factually verified. This might be impressive if it was independently verified. There is no harmony, no plan to what they do. Page - Dr Weiss explains that after Catherine he has regressed under hypnosis 12 other patients. Historical lore is replete with examples. This book has made a lot of money.

Brian weiss libros

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