Blue eyes brown eyes jane elliott

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But they returned to a better place—unlike a child of color, who gets abused every day, and never has the ability to find him or herself in a nurturing classroom environment. They may express anger in ways that the white viewers are not used to or comfortable with. Blue Eyed can be useful in organizations as part of a longer, facilitated diversity training session, as a "break" in the evening of an off-site retreat or as a way to deepen the dialogue of a work group that is committed to exploring their relationships and systems on an ongoing basis. Jane Elliott focuses on white people as the targets for change. Diversity, when framed solely as a business issue, rationalizes diversity efforts because they are good for the organization.

Blue eyes brown eyes jane elliott

Furthermore, viewers need to have clear, specific ideas about what to do differently in order to feel empowered by the video and discussion. In that circumstance, Elliott wields some real power and, as footage shows in the documentary, she can be savage, reducing grown men and women to tears, all along in the certain conviction that it is good for them. It takes a long time and a lot of work to get them to act white". The population is getting older. The secretary said the south side of the building was closed, something about waxing the hallways. Everyone's tired of her. Now 45, she had been in Elliott's third grade class in Before she could answer, another boy piped up: As a third grade teacher in an all-white, all-Christian community, she struggled for ways to help her students understand racism and discrimination. People who feel they have no future in an organization may not contribute their best. In what ways are women complicit in perpetuating negative or lowered or stereotyped expectations for women? Eventually she relents and agrees that there has been progress and, what's more, that she thinks it will continue. It makes you proud. Then and Now—about her and the exercise. When the exercise ended, some of the kids hugged, some cried. Elliott provided brown fabric collars and asked the blue-eyed students to wrap them around the necks of their brown-eyed peers as a method to easily identify the minority group. Besides becoming a diversity trainer like Jane Elliott, what can one person do? What are some examples of institutionalized racism in your organization? White ignorance is the problem, and we white folks have now managed to export that problem all over the world. They also stated ethical concerns pertaining to the fact that the children were not told of the purpose of the exercise beforehand. Yet, she says, white people fail to take effective action to end racism. Everyone looked at Mrs. This was promoted positively as a way to promote teamwork, profits, and a "winning together" atmosphere. The nearest traffic light is 20 miles away. It's a curious comment from someone who is supposedly an enemy of racial stereotyping, not least because, as I remind her, the two who refuse to "act white" are in fact white. Despite this harassment and ostracization, Jane Elliott continued her efforts to end racism. There is no group of people who are told to sit on the floor.

Blue eyes brown eyes jane elliott

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  1. The blue-eyed girl apologized. When the exercise ended, some of the kids hugged, some cried.

  2. And you'll always have it. To counter this, Elliott lied to the children by stating that melanin was linked to their higher intelligence and learning ability.

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