Blogs for single ladies

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And I can talk about singleness and dating with my friends for hours. I started to panic, to hyperventilate—until I found this quote: One of my clients, Sally, insisted that all of the men in her town were married. Dating is a process.

Blogs for single ladies

Most men are liars, cheats and players. I can talk about food online all day long. Get over this idea of perfection or you will stay single. The right man expands and enhances your life in ways your girlfriends never will. There are definitely men who do not cheat, lie or refuse to settle down. This might seem harsh, but you are likely telling yourself several lies about love after 40 that are hurting you. Hopefully the next someone will treasure and treat my heart with love and respect. Ok, maybe this is because I primarily spend my days reading food blogs. These negative beliefs prevent you from connecting, or worse, stop you from even looking. I needed to find proven ways to be happy as a single adult woman. Start looking for examples of quality men and you will notice that they are all around you. He becomes a challenge for you to win over. The fact is that now, more than any other time in history, there are a lot of people in their 40s, 50s and 60s who are single and looking for love. Yes, there have been lots of hard days. You are going to have to get off the couch and do your part to cross paths with lots of men. They have been full of rich experiences and adventures. I have always hoped and wanted to eventually be married. I have very supportive parents who have never pressured me into marriage, in fact my mother often tells me how she is envious I have had the chance to live alone and how impressed she is that I eat dinner at restaurants alone without any kind of hesitation. It was a messy breakup. We are not brought up the same, we have different innate skill sets and our brains are wired differently. Expecting a man to be like your girlfriends means he is bound to fail. Change comes from within. As we all know, these words are easier said than practiced. I am lucky to have a supportive mother and sister. In my research, I learned some important truths about being single: Part of me feels afraid of this quick change. Buddha said every day you are born again—that means new experiences and adventures for today!

Blogs for single ladies

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  1. Most men will never be as thoughtful or have the same depth of understanding as your girlfriends.

  2. Start looking for examples of quality men and you will notice that they are all around you. They have been full of rich experiences and adventures.

  3. They have been full of laughter and smiles and some of the best memories ever. I believe that everything in life is a process.

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