Being married to a cop

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I was lucky this time. Oh, and before you square pegs start touting how wonderful your cop marriage is, you are an anomaly. Overtime or changing shifts do not allow a 'normal' routine, or what is called a normal 8-hour day. These things happen and it is for the safety of his family that he does it.

Being married to a cop

When they get called out to god-awful jobs, they need to know that they can rely on you to hold down the fort, so to speak, that you aren't at home worried sick about them and falling apart. We barely see Mr. Only you know how much the force has to sacrifice on the personal front to protect the public. Regardless of his roster, I prepare dinner for the entire family at 5pm every night. He will get a call-out to your neighboring town just minutes before you head out the door as a family. Australia Day weekend is another one you will be spending sans spouse. We try and get to the pub on a Friday night to give me a break from cooking and socialize with the townfolk a little. My poor choices were no longer my own to make and from then on he drove me to Coles every weekend for three months. Christmas is a tough one. What comes out to the masses through the news is many times a very milder version of the truth, especially in some high profile cases. The camaraderie among the officers and their families is amazing. Oh, and we hate management. Accept that the job is dangerous. Not because the husband does not do it, but because he simply cannot. Over time, you also like your policeman learn to read people from small observations, like their body language, behavior, actions, etc. Point Five and I had met. Another body has dropped. But you have no license he says. Also, when it is a public holiday, and you want to take the kids to watch the fireworks, you have to do it all by yourself, as it is never a holiday for him. Even your children learn to adapt to this uncertainty of life. Being married to a police officer is totally different than being married to a regular Joe. I cannot even think of getting married to a cop. Coping with the 'not-being-together' for longer periods creates a lot of stress. They are not general public any longer. At first it feels like a cute novelty that makes you gush with pride around your family and friends.

Being married to a cop

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