An evaluation sex education programs

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The total possible score ranges between 4 and Allison Tracy was the quantitative methodologist, responsible for analyzing project data. Journal of Adolescent Research, 30 1 , Eighteen schools from five provinces of Spain were randomly assigned to one of three conditions:

An evaluation sex education programs

The role of extended family in teen sexual health. In particular, studies suggest that the needs of sexual minority youth are not being met in school sex education or by their parents. This study, conducted in , assesses the impact of a school-based sexuality education program, the Grade 7 Project, on Jamaican seventh graders aged and their initiation of sexual activity and use of contraception at first intercourse, as well as the knowledge and attitudes that influence their behaviors. Such constraints not only threaten the integrity of what we know young people need, but also eliminate any opportunity to design studies that could compare approaches, philosophies or methods against each other. The Internet gives young people a private way to explore concerns they may not want to air in a classroom or other group setting. The reliability of both factors was acceptable. Jennifer Grossman co-led the evaluation team. Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 8 4 , As external evaluators, we surveyed students at three time points: We focused on behavioural outcomes, specifically multiple partners, consistent condom use and age of first sexual experience vaginal sex, anal sex and oral sex. Can sex education delay early sexual debut? Through learning and practicing social and emotional skills, students can make responsible decisions about sex and sexuality and initiate and maintain healthy relationships in all aspects of their lives. We also found that boys who completed Get Real family activities in 6th grade were more likely to delay sex in 8th grade than boys who did not complete them. I believe that we must be able to openly discuss the importance and rationale for fully comprehensive approaches that recognize sexual development and sexuality, beyond the context of pregnancy, STIs or morality. Project IMPPACT compared a small-group approach in middle schools, led by social workers with special training in sexuality, to a nonintervention group. Its pretest—post-test results have been published elsewhere. The modest impact of the Grade 7 Project is encouraging, as school-based sexuality education programs of limited duration rarely have a long-term impact. Journal of Early Adolescence, 33, The evaluation shows that Get Real is effective in delaying sex for boys and girls. Perceived norms The perceived norms of the participants were assessed by two items. Few school-based evaluations are able to follow young people over this length of time, thus missing the potential to understand the real impact of interventions. Ratings ranging from 1 definitely not to 4 definitely. Urban early adolescent narratives on sexuality: These findings suggest that the 6th grade family activities in Get Real may have encouraged parents to begin talking about sexual issues with their sons earlier and more often than they would have otherwise. Several articles provide detailed descriptions of the program and its components. Using a quasi-experimental design, the study measured the effects of the Grade 7 Project when the nine-month intervention was completed short term and one year after that long term.

An evaluation sex education programs

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  1. The program delivers factually accurate, age-appropriate information on sexual health and relationships and includes built-in opportunities in each lesson for parents to talk with their children. Methods Study design and participants Students enrolled in the ninth and tenth grades of Compulsory Secondary Education aged 14—16 years from five provinces in Spain were recruited to participate in a cluster-randomized controlled study in —

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