Alberta list of sex offender registry alberta

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Launched in , the provincial database is an impressive piece of technology. He was sentenced to six months in jail and three years of probation. According to the latest provincial update, written three months ago, the registry centre in B. That means the registry centres have no idea when hundreds of dangerous criminals are supposed to show up and register. As in Halifax, more compliance checks will almost certainly reveal a higher non-compliance rate.

Alberta list of sex offender registry alberta

According to the latest statistics, 16, names appear on the system. Form 52s are also a problem. It is a database maintained by the RCMP that provides Canadian police services with important information that will improve their ability to investigate and prevent crimes of a sexual nature. The decision meant that thousands of known pedophiles and rapists were not included because they had finished serving their sentences by December In a recent update to headquarters, Ward summed up the problem this way: Police services across Canada are responsible for collecting the data and enforcing the registration provisions. But there has been no allowance or no increase in resources. But in the rural regions of the province, compliance is much harder to maintain. The system is off-limits to most police officers, so all queries must be forwarded to the provincial registry centre. Dave Ward, the director of the provincial centre. Police may question them at any time, including their place of work. During the registration process, information on these individuals is added into the Sex Offender Registry database. Rational or not, the decision still left police with a monumental task. The ruling closes the book on the conviction of Eugen Ndhlovu, who pleaded guilty in to sex assault on two women in However, most detectives feel the same way: The public does not have access to the National Sex Offender Registry. The latest statistics reveal that of anywhere in Canada, Quebec has the highest rate of non-compliance. Unfortunately, not every police force can spare the officers. It is up to those offices to ensure the compliance of local sex offenders. Only 59 38 per cent were actually completed. When the Ontario system was unveiled, Premier Mike Harris was so impressed that he offered the software to the feds, free of charge. According to the latest provincial update, written three months ago, the registry centre in B. Ottawa designed its own distinct database—a trickle-down operation in which the bulk of the costs, and the work, actually falls on the provinces and territories. Between May and September , Ward sent compliance check requests to various detachments across the province. Like many jurisdictions, Alberta also has a hard time conducting compliance checks. If a child goes missing, investigators can search the database for known pedophiles who live in the surrounding postal codes. At the very least, the registry is a starting point for detectives with no other leads.

Alberta list of sex offender registry alberta

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