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Our Initiatives

4 Main Initiatives

Peter Akinola Foundation is a non-profit-making organization with a mission to help the youths to be economically empowered, rescue the perishing from the stranglehold of Satan by bringing them to the knowledge of God and to encourage the Church to stand for the edification of people’s spiritual wellbeing.

To do these, the foundation creates four arms called Initiatives. They are Youth@crossroads, Stand in the Gap, Anglican Unity and Self-reliance and Mission and Evangelism.

Youth @ Cross Road
The high rate of unemployment in the country is worrisome. A situation whereby the majority of the nation’s youth population is either unemployed or unemployable portrays a bad omen for the future.

Nigeria is current being besieged by the attendant effects of the nation’s inability to provide for her teeming youths. The Foundation has taken it upon itself to contribute it own quota by giving vocational training to youths at the crossroads of life from every part of this country. The training is in the vocations identified as being lucrative and adaptable to any environment.

The vocations being taught are: Carpentry, Catering and House keeping, Driving, Electrical Installation, Fashion Designing, G.S.M. Repairs, Metal Craft, Painting, Refrigerator and Air-conditioning, Tiling etc. The trainees are also groomed in Entrepreneurial development, Use of English, Civic Responsibility and ICT.

The training programme, which is fully residential runs for between 6-9 months of intensive training depending on the choice of course, and it is opened to all Nigerian youths at no cost.

Stand in the Gap

There is a huge gap between what today’s Christians profess and what they actually practice. From public service to the private sector even in positions of authority where many Christians are holding key positions, the ideal Christian virtues are not clearly visible.

The aim of “Stand in the Gap” initiative is to encourage Christians particularly Anglicans in various key positions to live out their Christianity.

They are also encouraged to participate in various programmes of the Church and to help the needy both in the Church and in the society.

Mission and Evangelism

In the word of our Lord: “What shall it profit if he gains the whole world and loses his soul” There are many people that are yet to be saved with no access to someone to explain the Christian faith to them.

These people are isolated from the knowledge of Christ even though it is the desire of Christ that everyone should saved. PAF’s Mission and Evangelism is fashioned to bring these people to the knowledge and love of Christ.

We have some Evangelists in different parts of the country reaching out to people in rural areas and in difficult terrain with the word of God.

Presently, we are at 12 states and we hope that by this programme many people will know God.

The Anglican Unity and Self Reliance

Happenings in the world today make one to wonder if on His return; Jesus will find faith on earth. With many strange doctrines flying around and many foxes in sheep clothing purporting to be pastors; waging war against the biblical foundation of the church. There is an urgent need for all true men of God to come together to stamp out these forces. This is the platform on which our third Initiative is predicated upon.

Our goal is to work with serving Anglican Primates in Africa towards economic self-reliance; breaking off the shackles of vestiges of Colonialism and to remain true to the biblical imperatives. This work is done through GAFCON, CAPA and the Global South.