101 ways to better sex

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Take a walk together. Draining the bank account may defuse her stress-but only temporarily. If she asks you, she pays. Just touch each other. Experts say that if you trade sensitive details of stories with your close guy friend, or even happy childhood memories, you up the graph of perceived closeness, similarity and even enjoyment.

101 ways to better sex

Carry her books home from school. The study also found that 77 per cent of women dressed in these two colours were "at high risk for conception. Help her unwind by watching for these three signs that she's stressed: Draining the bank account may defuse her stress-but only temporarily. And women often hesitate sharing intimate info because they don't want to be judged by what turns them on. Tell her I appreciate how she treats me. If the conversation bogs down, reach for one of these. Go for a drive. Compliment parts of her body that she may be insecure about-including her butt, thighs or waist-outside the bedroom. Have a one-to-one talk to air out seeded stress Lack of communication is often what leads to sex droughts in a relationship. Sense she's had a bad day? Work on her body like an expert Expand your repertoire: Keep it in your pants Leaving your cell phone out on the table during a date could ruin your chances of making a serious connection, finds research in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Sit really close while watching a movie. So instead of putting her on the spot, break the ice by telling her one of your fantasies. Is She Interested In You? If they do, that means she's excited by what you're saying, and maybe even sexually aroused. In a British study, women said men taking sex for granted was a major cause of sexual boredom for them. She's playing with her hair Some women do it to play up their femininity. It's a natural reaction you make when you're trying to keep yourself from blurting out a thought you don't want to voice out loud. Go to a sports event together. She needn't have done that, but she did. So how can you make sure you're clued in on what she craves? Research shows that if women are in the mood for some fun, they'll have trouble containing their chattiness around other men. It also takes some smart moves from your side: Treat her like a queen.

101 ways to better sex

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  1. Bringing in a third party shifts the attention off your sex life, while still providing insight on what piques her interest.

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