10 most intimidating ufc fighters

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He's still considered by many to be the best pound-for-pound fighter of all time and holds just about every significant championship record in UFC history including: Though he has recently said he wants to return to the octagon, GSP went out as a champion, winning 12 consecutive fights and defending the welterweight crown successfully 11 times. You can't write the story of this era of mixed martial arts without Tito Ortiz. Rousey broke barriers in the UFC, becoming the first women's bantamweight champion when she joined from Strikeforce and defeating Liz Carmouche in the main event of UFC Prior to entering the octagon, he was a Olympian and Pan American Games champion.

10 most intimidating ufc fighters

The old-school martial arts bows pay respect to the fight, the venue, and the training that made the fighter what he or she is at that moment. They compelled us with their drawing power. In his prime, Tyson would pump fear into his opponents because of his outstanding hand speed, accuracy, coordination, power, and timing, not to mention his menacing image. He entered UFC as featherweight champion in and defended seven times before encountering the Irishman. Outside of the ring, Liston was just as menacing having constant run-ins with the law and subsequently going to prison. The intensity of the gesture is haunting, and the simplicity of it has left room for all sorts of fascinating interpretations. He is the closest person to breaking Anderson Silva's consecutive win streak, currently sitting at He won the belt with a head-kick defeat of Matt Hughes at UFC 65 and recovered from a devastating knee injury to continue a prolonged run of dominance. Still grinding away as a middleweight at age 45, Henderson possessed both the and pound titles in the Pride organization in after a KO of Wanderlei Silva. His punches were wide but hammered away at opponents, and pain was felt even if his punches were blocked. A UFC hall of famer, Coleman was a prototype for the phrase "ground and pound" during a run as one of the octagon's pioneers from to Not an all-timer compared to some contemporaries, but an important competitor because of intangibles. He's perhaps best remembered for a UFC 46 defeat of Matt Hughes that earned him the welterweight belt - and his jiu-jitsu skills are the stuff of legend. Just 4 months after turning 20, he was given a world title shot and snatched it with ease after destroying Trevor Berbick in the 2nd round. Foreman would retire from boxing and then make a comeback 10 years later on a mission to become the world heavy champion once again. Slapping - Clay Guida feat. He was anti-social and he greeted the media and public with a sneer. But I also like it when she casts all of that aside and simply stares straight ahead as she walks to the Octagon, stomps inside, and smacks her chest as if to signify that playtime is over. They intimidated us with their sheer ferocity. His all-around conditioning helped get him past the challenge of Ortiz and he was among the first in the cage to have mastered more than a single fighting style. Tweet The walk to the Octagon or the ring has evolved into a mix of entertainment, martial arts traditions, and sports superstitions. He then headlined the company's biggest pay-per-view at UFC when he successfully defended his belt against Frank Mir. Liston was known for his toughness, punching power and an appearance that would intimidate the hell out of his opponents. Fighter Analysis Intimidation and Fear Mental Strength The mental aspects of a fight plays a significant part in the outcome of a fight. Over 23 years and pay-per-view events, the UFC has experienced its share of ebbs and flows. But Anderson Silva was different. The Rochester, New York native has had some recent issues away from the octagon, but his standing as the world's premier light heavyweight is beyond reasonable doubt - thanks to striking that bamboozles grapplers and wrestling that punishes strikers.

10 most intimidating ufc fighters

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  1. He was a natural fighter who never took any nonsense. Maybe, when he gets nervous, he sticks his shirt under his arms and then he smells his shirt like that.

  2. The best welterweight during his time in what was arguably the UFC's top weight class, St-Pierre ran over a list of significant opponents with a style that resembled a whirling dervish. He beat Shamrock at UFC 40 and, in the words of Dana White, "There's no question that in his prime, he was a huge star and one of the greats of his era.

  3. Fighter Analysis Intimidation and Fear Mental Strength The mental aspects of a fight plays a significant part in the outcome of a fight. He managed a middleweight championship with a win at UFC 53 and frequently jumped weight classes and took bouts on short notice.

  4. Even with a career-stalling defeat against Holly Holm at the end of , she's still one of the most recognizable athletes in the world.

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